Ratings System/Disclaimer


Unless otherwise stated, all books I review were either purchased by me, gifted to me by a friend or family member, or obtained from my public library. I will always tell you if I have received a free copy of a book from an author or publisher.

Ratings System

At the start of every review, I give the book a rating, for your quick reference. I use a 5-star rating system, like the one on Goodreads, though I know that system is subjective for every reviewer. Here’s a rough guideline to how I assign ratings:

5 star ratings are reserved for books I absolutely adore and suspect will remain favorites of mine for years to come.

4 stars is my most common rating, given to books I liked a lot, that were entertaining and/or well-written, but maybe had a few flaws or just don’t make the cut to favorite status for me.

A 3 star rating is a book that was just ok. I enjoyed it, but I don’t necessarily recommend it and/or it had many major flaws.

Any book I give 2 stars to is not recommended. I may have finished it, but only because I forced myself, and I may or may not read further if the book is part of a series.

1 star ratings are rare, and reviews of these books likely won’t be posted on the blog, though you may find some on my Goodreads shelves. If I give a book 1 star it’s because I hated it, don’t understand how it even got published, and most likely won’t read more books by that author.


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