NaNoWriMo Day 29: I Won!!!


The book isn’t done. Not quite. It’s close though and I passed the 50k mark!

It feels really good to win. I started out this month after a rough six months of searching for a job without success. Filling out job applications day in and day out, getting interviews only to hear rejections or nothing at all in response is really discouraging. It was so nice to finally accomplish something I’d set out to do. And this was a goal I set for myself and completed myself. I didn’t do this because I had to for school or because my family wanted me to, but because I wanted to and that feels extra wonderful.

I didn’t do it completely on my own though. Practically no one reads these NaNo posts, but having my progress out on the internet for anyone to find is motivating. As was my local NaNo group. Once I committed to going to write-ins, I felt good pressure to have my word count up there with the rest of them. Plus they amounted to almost 8 weekly hours of writing time, which covers many of the week’s words. It was so much fun to meet new people, take on a new challenge, even to recover from the setback I had in week 3. I feel confident I can take on the next things in my life. Editing. And finding The Job.


NaNoWriMo Day 27: The End is Near


I should actually be able to do this thing. Barring some freak turkey explosion tomorrow or something. I finally got caught up to par yesterday, and I sneaked ahead about 1k today, so I am well on my way. The story is approaching its climax too. It’s getting complicated to keep track of all the characters as the run about, preparing for battle. They’ll converge again pretty soon, so that will clear up, but I’m still nervous about executing the big final scenes.

I’ve been back and forth on how long the story will wind up being, but I’m thinking it will probably actually fall right at or a touch beyond the 50k mark. I’m pretty sure, but now that I’ve said so it will stretch on and on for like 65k words or something.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you all and good luck on the last few days to my fellow Wrimos out there. I believe in you!

NaNoWriMo Day 24: Catching Up and Burning Out


I had a busy week last week. I hardly wrote at all. Despair levels were high yesterday. I wrote 5000 goddamn words today though (thanks in large part to Sunday coffee house write-in where I’m watching people get super close to winning!) and something like 3,000 last night, so I’m almost all the way back to par which for today, is 40,000. I probably won’t hit that today, but I hope to be back on track or ahead after tomorrow. I’m starting to think that the book is going to be a bit over 50k, so I’d like to hit that count a little early if I can, in hopes of finishing the story by month’s end.

I am right in the thick of no idea where the plot is going land, but I just keep forging on, tired of coming with character names, totally unknowing as to where the hell I’m going, but it’s been fun. Character love is all I’m running on at this point. I don’t know how to do them justice in the end, but I owe it to them to at least try.

Keep forging on, Wrimos. The end is in sight.

NaNoWriMo Day 17


My beautiful lead went away! I was actually behind yesterday, but today was a write-in day and I got caught up. I was busy painting again this weekend and then I attended a friend’s wedding last night, so the day was gone before I knew it. I wrote part of a wedding/reception scene into my book today though, which was unplanned, but I was inspired to after the party last night. Who knows if the scene will fit in with the rest when I’m done, but it’s been fun to work on anyway.

I’ve been doing some skipping around writing scenes in general, trying to work out events and mood as the story begins to change. The endless travelling around my characters have been doing will end soon and things will get complicated. I still don’t know exactly where I want to leave things at the end, and I have no good estimation on what the final word count will be either. Some days I think it’ll be shorter than 50,000, but there are others where I think it’s going to turn out a lot longer. I’ll find out by the end of the month, I suppose.

This week is super busy, so all posts will be lacking again, though I’ve already cleared as much of Tuesday as possible for reading Richelle Mead’s new book, so I might get a review of that up before I get on a plane Wednesday morning. We’ll see about NaNo…I might be playing a major game of catch-up next weekend, but I’m determined to see this through to the bitter and glorious end.

NaNoWriMo Day 13


I kicked major ass today all thanks to the @NaNoWordSprints twitter account. Seriously try some if you’re feeling stuck and lonely. I had the teeth-pulling sensation during the first 500 or so again today, but I pushed through it and wrote more than 4,000 words. I still have no clue where I’m going with this story. I’m really getting into the parts that are supremely poorly planned out, but there have been fun moments today anyway.

I’ll be attending the second half of my local write in tomorrow (I have another commitment early in the morning when it starts) and hopefully there I can get another couple thousand in and stay ahead. I wasn’t sure if getting ahead would actually happen when I said I wanted to yesterday, but hurrah! It’s happening. (And hurrah for write-ins at coffee places! Hurrah for coffee!)

Can you tell I just finished NaNoing for the day? is this post even coherent? I’ll just go ahead and stop there.

NaNoWriMo Day 12: The Day Things Get Busy For Once


I wrote like 400 words this morning and it felt like it should have been 1000. I couldn’t believe my word count. I skipped forward and then came back and found that it helped me out a lot. Once I stopped dwelling on the complicated details of the next scene, I was able to pound out the set up pretty quickly.

I’m proud of myself for staying on par this long but I really, really, need to get ahead this week if I hope to finish. This Saturday I’ll be cleaning and painting again and then I’m going to my old roommate’s wedding. Then next week I travel for a three day second round interview with a company. No writing will get done next Wednesday and Thursday for sure. I might write on the plane home on Friday, but I’m sure I’ll still be wound up and exhausted simultaneously. I can’t let those things get in my way for long, though, I’ll just have to keep finding the extra time and push through the extra work on certain days. I’m sure I can still make it.

NaNoWriMo Day 9


Today was officially a write-a-thon day. My ML hosted a local write-in, but I couldn’t make it. So sad.

Instead, I spent the day painting and raking leaves and generally doing non-writing related things around the house. I sneaked a few minutes of writing time, but I’m not quite to today’s goal of 15k. I’ve still got the whole night though, and I’m sure I can finish a few hundred more words before I have to go to bed.

The story’s feeling a little boring and I’m not sure everything is going the way I really want it to. There’s magic in my fantasy world and I think my outsider character is starting to pick up on things just a little too quickly. It’ll all be ok though, I can always go back and rewrite some of the early scenes, make her a little less sure of herself, but for now I just gotta run with it.

I’ve never done this before and I know that Week 2 is where a lot of people drop out. I get it. I’ve let a bunch of other things I need to get done pile up and some times it feels pretty pointless. Who is ever going to read this anyway. It’s my first novel; it almost definitely sucks. I don’t want to quit, though. 1667 words per day takes only about an hour if I really work at it and by putting myself out there and committing to it on here and through my local group really keeps me on track. I’ve spent enough time this year waiting around for job offers that never come and I really need to do something for myself. So no Week 2 doldrums for me, it’s time to keep pushing forward and finish something for once.

NaNoWriMo Day 3: The Day the Doubts Start to Set in

5,526/50,000 (Still on par!)

I’m at the point where my character has entered the new world, and there’s a lot of explaining to do. Today was the point I realized that I don’t have all the answers ready and even when I do have them, they’re hard to work in the story organically. I don’t want to reveal too much, and I definitely don’t want characters to know things beyond the scope of their perspective. Today was the day the task started to feel too big. Not necessarily the word count, just managing a story big enough to fill it and hoping my words do that story justice.

I’m going to forge ahead though, I’m finding the community aspect to be a lot of fun. My local NaNoWriMo group is doing multiple write-ins a week, and I hope to make it to one soon. The (good!) pressure of having a profile on the site and friends in the local forum are really helping me stay focused on getting those words out!

NaNoWriMo Day 1 Update

Hello all!

So last night after I had stuffed myself with candy, (We bought enough for more trick-or-treaters than we had the year before and we actually had only about half the amount.) I patiently waited until midnight and then started furiously typing the completely unplanned prologue of my novel. I’d written some back story and decided it was too good to leave out, especially since it started the book off with a big action scene.

I wrote the first chapter today as well, after I’d gotten some sleep, where we meet my main character, Meredith, and follow her through the portal into a fantasy universe. She just got there at the end of the chapter, so tomorrow is where the real world building will start. That’s pretty daunting, but really I’m excited to start writing one of my other major characters, Karim. Mer should be encountering him for the first time pretty soon!

I clocked 2,790 words today, so I’m about a half day ahead of schedule, which is good because I’m working a long shift tomorrow and I’m not sure how much writing I’ll get done.

How are the rest of you doing? Anyone doing the blogging version? How’s that going?