About Me

My name is Joanne, I’m currently 23, though it’s possible I haven’t updated this page in a while*. I’m not a librarian, and I wasn’t a literature major, I have a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and I work in environmental regulation, on the industry side. Despite my hard science background, I have always been an avid reader, and several months of unemployment after college graduation gave me even more time to read and write, two hobbies that slowed way down when I was busy at school which led to my starting this blog.

If I’m not working or reading, I’m probably sleeping, but sometimes I like to hike in the beautiful Colorado mountains, listen to rock music, and watch a lot of what my mother calls “horrible” (violent) television shows. Other current projects of mine include finally moving out of my parent’s house (Eventually. The real world is expensive.), opening an IRA (Roth or Traditional!?!) and actually buying picture frames for pictures**. Basically, just figuring out how to be a capital-a adult.

*EDIT: It has been awhile. I turned 24 (I change ages every March).

**EDIT 2: I actually did all of these things! 1. Apartments are great. Except when small children with no discernable bedtime live above you and people climb over your patio fence and steal the only piece of your bike not locked to the fence. 2. I opened a Roth IRA at the end of last year and then had the opportunity to open a traditional through the retirement plan at work so I actually have both at the moment. and 3. I bought a bunch of frames for the photos and posters I have up in apartment. My recommendation is to check places Michael’s and World Market frequently for coupons and sales because frames are weirdly expensive.


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