The Goodreads Challenge

For the last two years I’ve set a number of books to read on the Goodreads reading challenge. For me, the goals were more of a “I think this is what I’ll get to” sort of number, rather than any sort of stretch goal. And both years I reached them at some point in November, no sweat at all.

But this year I’ve decided not to set one, simply because I’ve started to believe in quality over quantity. My favorite read in 2014 was over 1000 pages long and took me nearly a month to complete. A month! And I was trying to read 100 books by the end of the year! Could I have read the requisite 8.33 books that month and enjoyed them instead? Maybe, but if I had been behind on my Goodreads goal at the beginning of June, would I have ever ventured to pick up that chunky book? Also maybe. And that would have been such a shame.

So I’ll still do a few read-a-thons, because they’re fun and they make me prioritize reading time more than I do in my usual daily life. I’ll still feel a little pressure when more than a week has gone by and I haven’t finished a book, because that’s just how I feel sometimes. But I’m not going to set myself up to miss out on a book I might love because it might take a bit of time and throw off my whole quota for the year. Instead, I’m going to try to focus on the experiences, not the arbitrary benchmarks, at least for this year.

Not that reading more books is a bad goal to set, it’s just not necessary and not helpful to me anymore, but I’d love to hear your thoughts. Did you set your Goodreads challenge counter this year? What other goals are you setting?


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