BookTube-A-Thon Wrap Up

So the BookTube-A-Thon is less than two hours from ending, and though I didn’t put too much effort into participating, I did promise myself to write three posts this week and this is the last one of them I need to do. I finished almost none of the books I said I was going to, but I did complete three of the challenges: to read a book with red on the cover, to read a book from a genre you’ve read little of this year, and to read a book with pictures. Specifically I:

I had mixed feelings about this, review already written and scheduled for Tuesday morning, so be looking for that!

I bought and read this on Friday afternoon. I kept seeing at the bookstore and not getting it and I finally caved. It was good. Short and sweet and simple.

  • Read The Assassin and the Healer by Sarah J. Maas (the only story I hadn’t yet read from The Assassin’s Blade novella bind-up)

I read the other four as ebooks and then bought the bind-up when it came out anyway (probably my only known cover-buy; it’s just so pretty!), and I finally just got around to the one story I hadn’t yet read from it. And it was just okay, felt like filler. The other novellas were much better.

Super good. Unique and strange and overall awesome. I feel like Space Opera as a whole was a genre custom made for me. Already ordered the next two volumes and cannot wait for them to arrive.

Liking both of these so far. Anne Frank’s diary is extremely compelling, but just too much for me to speed read. And Just One Day is meeting all of my expectations. I love the way Gayle Foreman writes such dreamy, transporting romance.

That’s a total read of about 650 pages. A decently successful week, and one that saw me pick up a few books that have been kicking around my TBR for a while, which is always good.

Hope to see you around for some of the reviews coming up on these books, and that you are having a blast with whatever read-a-thons you’ve taken on this summer. Seems like there’s always one going on.


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