Bout of Books Update-Day 4

Day 4 Progress

-Listened to 2.25 hours (Chapters 1-9.5) of Gathering Blue (approximately 89 pages)

Total Day 4: 89 pages


Pages: 963

Books Completed:

BoB Completed pic

The Risen EmpireSpeakThe SelectionAristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe


After a bout of insomnia last night, tonight is for mindless TV and an early bedtime (Seriously. It’s not even 10pm yet here and I’m about to go brush my teeth and turn off the light) not jumping into The Ring & The Crown like I’d planned. I’ll call it gearing up for the weekend and not be disappointed.

I did start listening to Gathering Blue. It’s a bit different from what I remembered, but 12+ intervening years will do that.

 Day 4 Challenge-Spell it Out

I did take a few minutes earlier to enter today’s challenge. I participated over  on Instagram, my usual dumping ground for spontaneous photos of stacks of books, among other things.

This challenge reminds me of the tag that’s been going around BookTube lately, where you get points for every word you spell with books in 3 minutes. That would be way too stressful. This one word took me at least that long.Image


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