The TFIOS Trailer is Here!

It’s crazy-hyped and has been talked about to death, but The Fault in Our Stars truly is one of my favorite books. The movie adaptation is coming out on June 6th, and, other than buying the box of tissues I’ll need to take to the theater, I’m so ready to see it.

The first full-length trailer released this morning and it looks pretty amazing to me. The scenes and the dialogue looks like it was pulled straight from the book and the casting looks great as well. The moment when Augustus tells Hazel he loves her is a favorite quote of mine from the book and, though it looks like the setting is different, I also love it in the trailer. His face is so sweet when he says it, and the line seems sincere, not nearly as corny as it could be (and kind of is, if we’re being honest here).

The Fault in Our Stars is a book that shook me to my core, and it’s one I revisit whenever I feel the need to be reminded about what is important about existence and emotion. It made me cry, it made you cry, yes, but what I love most about it is the way it makes you feel a whole range of emotion, good and bad. The movie looks to me like it follows the book so well it will do the same: be funny and youthful and sweet and sad and frightening all at once, just like life.

So point is, I have high expectations for this movie, but this trailer has only reinforced my overwhelming confidence that the movie will be just as wonderful as I hope. Definitely looking forward to experiencing the story again in a whole new way this summer.


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