Bout of Books Wrap-Up

This was my first time ever participating in this read-a-thon, and I had so much fun interacting with everyone and participating in the challenges. Definitely looking forward to Bout of Books 10 in May! Here’s my final update.

Day 7 Update and Wrap-Up

On day 7, as I predicted, between the AFC divisional playoff game and the Golden Globes I watched like 8 hours of TV and only read 58 pages of The Eye of the World. My big goal for last week was to finish that book, which I still have not done didn’t finish until Wednesday morning, but I did start and finish The Titan’s Curse and City of Dark Magic. All told for the read-a-thon I read 1,152 pages. Probably not much more, if any, than I would do on a normal week, but not bad either.

What major successes did come out of the event was all on this blog. Everyone was surprisingly active, reading each others updates, leaving comments, things like that. I wasn’t all that proactive in seeking out new bloggers, but a lot of bloggers came to visit me here, which was so much fun. I had more comments and views this week than ever before, so thanks for that, Bout of Books bloggers! It was nice to meet you all.

I am so behind on posting reviews, so be on the lookout for them all this weekend and next week. (Assuming my current Starbucks camp-out is productive! I’ve got like four to do and I haven’t been on Tumblr yet today.)


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