NaNoWriMo Day 29: I Won!!!


The book isn’t done. Not quite. It’s close though and I passed the 50k mark!

It feels really good to win. I started out this month after a rough six months of searching for a job without success. Filling out job applications day in and day out, getting interviews only to hear rejections or nothing at all in response is really discouraging. It was so nice to finally accomplish something I’d set out to do. And this was a goal I set for myself and completed myself. I didn’t do this because I had to for school or because my family wanted me to, but because I wanted to and that feels extra wonderful.

I didn’t do it completely on my own though. Practically no one reads these NaNo posts, but having my progress out on the internet for anyone to find is motivating. As was my local NaNo group. Once I committed to going to write-ins, I felt good pressure to have my word count up there with the rest of them. Plus they amounted to almost 8 weekly hours of writing time, which covers many of the week’s words. It was so much fun to meet new people, take on a new challenge, even to recover from the setback I had in week 3. I feel confident I can take on the next things in my life. Editing. And finding The Job.


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