NaNoWriMo Day 27: The End is Near


I should actually be able to do this thing. Barring some freak turkey explosion tomorrow or something. I finally got caught up to par yesterday, and I sneaked ahead about 1k today, so I am well on my way. The story is approaching its climax too. It’s getting complicated to keep track of all the characters as the run about, preparing for battle. They’ll converge again pretty soon, so that will clear up, but I’m still nervous about executing the big final scenes.

I’ve been back and forth on how long the story will wind up being, but I’m thinking it will probably actually fall right at or a touch beyond the 50k mark. I’m pretty sure, but now that I’ve said so it will stretch on and on for like 65k words or something.

Anyway, Happy Thanksgiving to you all and good luck on the last few days to my fellow Wrimos out there. I believe in you!


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