NaNoWriMo Day 12: The Day Things Get Busy For Once


I wrote like 400 words this morning and it felt like it should have been 1000. I couldn’t believe my word count. I skipped forward and then came back and found that it helped me out a lot. Once I stopped dwelling on the complicated details of the next scene, I was able to pound out the set up pretty quickly.

I’m proud of myself for staying on par this long but I really, really, need to get ahead this week if I hope to finish. This Saturday I’ll be cleaning and painting again and then I’m going to my old roommate’s wedding. Then next week I travel for a three day second round interview with a company. No writing will get done next Wednesday and Thursday for sure. I might write on the plane home on Friday, but I’m sure I’ll still be wound up and exhausted simultaneously. I can’t let those things get in my way for long, though, I’ll just have to keep finding the extra time and push through the extra work on certain days. I’m sure I can still make it.


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